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Welcome to SnuggleMe Sphynx.

Hi, and Welcome to our friendly website dedicated to our beloved Sphynx Cats.


Sphynx are a naturally occurring hairless mutation like those which have appeared in many different species of animal throughout history all over the world.

The ancestry of the Sphynx cats we have today can be traced back to Elizabeth, a black and white domestic shorthair cat, who gave birth to a hairless male kitten called Prune in Ontario, Canada in 1966.   Prune was subsequently mated back to his mother and the resulting litter contained both coated and naked kittens.  These cats, along with other hairless mutations born later, formed the foundations of Sphynx cats world-wide.

Sphynx were first imported from Canada into Holland by breeder Hugo Herenandez, who used youngsters Punkie and Paloma to establish an original European line of Sphynx, which was personified in his home bred cat Q'ra.  This was the start of the breed as we know it today.  

The first Sphynx cat to enter the UK from Holland was in 1988 and was a four year old female called Hathor de Calecat (Tulip) bred by Hattie Nathon who worked closely with Hugo Hernandez.  Tulip became a great ambassador for the breed in the UK and lived to be over 15 years old.


The Sphynx cat is a very sociable and affectionate breed of cat, intelligent and outgoing. They adore human company and will happily follow you around the house or even better will sit on their owners shoulder and be carried around the house!.  Sphynx also love to play whether it is with their owner or another cat or even dog.  They also expect plenty of hugs and love nothing more than snuggling up with you at the end of the day.  Sphynx happily live with other breeds of cat and other animals - they adore and need company so should not, if possible, be kept alone.