SnuggleMe Sphynx

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We are very proud and happy to announce the safe albeit eventful arrival of our debut SnuggleMe Sphynx litter from our beautiful Queen Bayis Manis Majenta Menyamar.  We had four kittens born August 4th, first tortie female kitten born 02:45 weight 101g, Second kitten a red point male weighing 83g arrived at 03.10, the third kitten came after a 9 hour wait andf the threat of a c'section this big boy arrived at 13:30 weighing 108g, and lastly our little tortie girl came at 14:15 weighing 75g.  All kittens did really well putting pn weight nicely, and Majenta was an excellent first time Mum.  We have a photo album of our kittens and their progree weekly from birth so we and you can enjoy their journeys.

We are proud to announce our debut litter from SnuggleMe Cleocatra 3 beautiful babies borm safely March 31st 2015.